I am an extraverted technical guru. I have taken a rather interesting path in life, but it’s ended up working out quite well for me. I ventured from high school at the age of 16 and started working for my dad as a local “computer repair technician.” From there I started my own business, running around the East Bay Area repairing just about anything I could get my hands on. That eventually led me to an opportunity to work for a company by the name of Mindjet (originally Spigit), a software company geared towards helping companies leverage social innovation from within their organization. I am on the Technical Operations Team, helping develop and maintain our infrastructures automation.

I’m extremely passionate about finding solutions to difficult technical problems. I’m definitely a problem solver by nature. I’d rather work on something new and challenging than the same thing month after month. I would consider myself somewhat of a perfectionist. If I’m going to work on something, I’m going to solve it the right way the first time. I’m not one to cut corners just to get something to “acceptable.”

Enough about me. Now onto why I started this site. I created this site with a few goals in mind. One being to increase my writing skills and another was to document technology, in hope that it could possibly help others in the world. Whether that be deep technical solutions to problems, or simple explanations of technologies for those who aren’t as computer savvy.